Kinderdagverblijf Varshavskaya, Moskou

Kinderdagverblijf Varshavskaya, Moskou

In the southern part of Moscow, at 11km south of the Kremlin, a long shaped industrial area will be transformed into a vibrant housing area. The masterplan of the renowned Japanese office of Nikken designed the masterplan called Life-Varshavskaya. This new community shall house over 5.000 apartments, 3 kindergartens and 1 primary+secondary school.

Atelier PRO Architects was asked to design one of these kindergartens for 160 kids in the heart of the masterplan.


The site is sloping from the west to the east making it ideal to orient the playgrounds to wards this direction. This playful rotation resulted in the same orientation for the eight group spaces towards the east. The morning sun enters directly into these group. At the moment when the children are the most active.


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