ir. Sandrine Rointru architecte D.P.L.G. (1973) has been working with atelier PRO since 1998. She studied architecture at the Ecole d’architecture de Nantes, France. In 2000 she graduated cum laude with the subject 'Amenagements Urbains, pour une ville sustainable- La Haye -' The Hague. A complex assignment on the problematic public domain around The Hague Central Station.

Sandrine (French-speaking architect) had been seconded to KCAP for some time, where she worked as a project architect on new residences and student housing in Massy near Paris, in collaboration with studio 115 architects.

At atelier PRO, Sandrine works on a diversity of architectural projects of various sizes and building types. The projects cover large public buildings, from renovation, transformations, new construction, to the interior design. Sandrine uses a methodical approach in her work. She is particularly interested in the aspects that contribute to a sustainable living environment and how it can be adapted to current and future needs. Circular building construction is her passion and became one of Sandrine's specialties within atelier PRO. In this field she attended many training courses and gave lectures to share knowledge with atelier PRO colleagues.

As a versatile project architect / project leader, Sandrine has worked on various childcare centres and other multifunctional accommodation projects. Besides architecture, she is also involved in interior projects and has worked on various competitions