Dorte Kristensen MA (Aarhus 1963) is architect director at atelier PRO. She studied architecture at Delft University of Technology for two years and worked as an architect in London. In 1989 she obtained her Master of Art in Architecture (MA) from the Arkitektskolen in Århus. As executive architect, Dorte is responsible for all projects of atelier PRO.

Inspired by Scandinavian architects like Gunnar Asplund, Alvar Aalto and Jørn Utzon she brought craftmanship to atelier PRO. In the Netherlands she developed her style into a contemporary context-oriented architecture. According to Dorte, buildings are inextricably linked to the environment and should enhance the atmosphere and character of the living environment. Her architecture is characterized by buildings with a refined and robust character, providing spaciousness and intimacy to the user. The combination of materials, colours, lighting and diversity in spaces provide a balance of functionality and experiential value. People must feel comfortable.

Dorte adheres to the design of the threshold area between public and private that influences social dynamics, where urban spaces and buildings come together and create opportunities for flexible interpretation. Exemplary projects are (the much awarded) Meander Medical Centre in Amersfoort, Admiraal de Ruyter Hospital in Vlissingen,Scheldekwartier Residential Care Centre in Vlissingen and Wilibrord Nursing Home interior in Middelburg. She advocates multiple use that are demonstrated in multifunctional buildings (MFAs), schools, town halls and cultural houses. Buildings such as De Klinker Cultural Centre in Winschoten and the interior of the Deventer Town Hall show the balance between the context and building, between functionality and social icon value. A piece of Scandinavian craftsmanship in the Netherlands. Dorte frequently performs as keynote speaker at trade conferences on architecture of cure and care, education, culture and interior, national and internationally.

Keynote speaker 
Dorte often perfoms as keynote speaker to share her ideas. Invitations come from architecture platforms or industries like healthcare and education, nationally and internationally.