Primary+Secondary School Varshavskaya, Moskou

Primary+Secondary School Varshavskaya, Moskou

In the southern part of Moscow, at 11km south of the Kremlin, a long shaped industrial area will be transformed into a vibrant housing area. The masterplan of the renowned Japanese office of Nikken designed the masterplan called Life-Varshavskaya. This new community shall house over 5.000 apartments, 3 kindergartens and 1 primary+secondary school.

Atelier PRO Architects was asked to design the primary+secondary school campus for 1150 pupils in the heart of the masterplan.


The school has a primary school and secondary school under one roof. A large auditorium and library will be publicly accessible for the neighborhood making the school partly a community center as well. The design is structured around a large courtyard serving as a protected playground for the early years. A large sports field next to the school has different levels creating diverse playground for each age group. By opening up this sports field to the neighborhood we created a cohesive and inclusive educational campus.


  • Masterplan
  • Library
  • Lobby