Strabrecht College, Geldrop

High sustainability ambitions

ready for the future

Strabrecht College, Geldrop

Strabrecht College has moved to a new building. The location for the new building is a few steps away from the Strabrechtse heath in Geldrop. A beautiful location surrounded by trees.

The patios, one of the characteristic elements of the old building, are back in the new building. They bring light deep into the building, give the possibility to teach outdoors and provide a scale refinement in the contour that connects to the grain of the surroundings. The new Strabrecht College is surrounded by greenery. By pruning away the low greenery under the trees, the College is displayed as a light masonry building on a green lawn with large windows on the learning areas and the special classrooms.

A transition to personalised learning has been translated into four clusters with classrooms, study and learning areas that lie like houses on the central auditorium.

Of the existing building, only the gymnasium remained. This was 'hooked up' to the new building and is located right next to the sports fields.The school and municipality had high sustainability ambitions in terms of both energy consumption and circularity. In that sense too, the Strabrecht College is ready for the future!



STO [ark] p20-21


  • Auditorium and canteen with self-study areas above. © Ronald Tilleman
  • Auditorium with grandstand stairs © René Souverijn
  • Corridor on the first floor overlooking the auditorium © Eva Bloem
  • Corridor on the first floor with acoustic wall finish made of recycled wood © Eva Bloem
  • Learning area © René Souverijn
  • Learning area © Eva Bloem
  • Learning area and Science lab © Eva Bloem
  • Exterior © Ronald Tilleman
  • View through to one of the four patios with cladding made of sustainable wood (Accoya) © Eva Bloem
  • Patio with sound-insulated expression room © René Souverijn
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