Customization and flexiblity


Due to the crisis the housing market in The Netherlands has almost come to a complete stop. For new home buyers it's virtually impossible to lend money for a newly built house. Still there's a growing demand for affordable and more individualized housing.

As a reaction atelier PRO achitects initiated a new housing concept. We named it Slimhus. It suits innercity locations often considered as 'bad or lost spots' but often with great potential. We develop small clusters of 5 to 10 dwellings to fill in these gaps in the city by organizing a small group of individuals. The concept focusses on private civic organisations, now corporate developers have also shown interest in this bottom-up initiative.

We sense a young and urban tendency for a new way of living. Working, reading, eating, meeting, talking: it all happens around your dining table. This calls for another plan as the lounge area no longer serves as the hearth of a home. As our concept is organized around this central table a slightly more narrow house (and cheaper plot) is possible.

Together with an innovative contracting partner we're able to prefabricate the building, preferably in wood, in order to reach our main goals:

- Easy to build
- Low cost housing affordable for singles and starters
- Faster than usual: a maximum of 6 months between initiative and moving in
- Easy to expand to fit changing needs
- 100% Custom layout and floor plan
- Fun to choose your style facade
- High quality components, pre-fabricated in a controlled environment

Key feature is a basic Slimhus at 72 m² living space. Apart from the plot, the costprice of a basic Slimhus is €112.000, all-inclusive. You decide how to place stairs, walls and window layout. Pick your extensions or decide to add them later. The measurements of the basic version merely serve as a starting point. Adjust the width and length of the house and add extra floors. Costs are known from the very start, no unforseen suprises.

Another great feature is to choose your own facade. We start with Western Red Cedar, but everything is possible pending local restrictions. Some nice examples are perforated CorTen steel or a slick version in white Corian. Simple genuine brick is possible too.

In addition we try to persuade clients to go for a greener version. Ranging from better insulation to a passive house with geothermal heat exchanger. Integrated electrical systems in the plinth of the walls are easy to change by the owner.

Slimhus provides citizens a chance to influence their own environment, not only their own house, but also on a larger city scale. It tries to improve the social engagement and civil involvement in their direct urban surroundings. House owners get the change to shape their wishes, use poor locations and transform them into communal gardens. A collective of 5 different houses create a surprising combination that suits the diversity of the city. With the Slimhus concept the city can continue to develop on a small scale, initiated by individuals.

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