Lumion, Amsterdam

young monument

has a new start

Lumion, Amsterdam

Lumion is a secondary school for general, higher and pre-university education. The school is housed at Vlaardingenlaan 25 in Amsterdam. Use is made of parts of the monumental school building on the site. It is one of the youngest monuments in New West, and was built in 1973 to a design by architect J.B. Press. The brutalist building is characterized by the use of  concrete, glass and large cantilevers. 

The senior grade has been realized in the renovated monument, the junior grade has been given a completely new building component that is connected to the monument through a transparent central hall. A new sports hall has also been realized on site.

  • New Lumion
  • Rear of the building
  • Facade detail
  • Entrance area
  • Entrance area
  • The amasing staircase
  • Cental space with overhanging spiral staircase
  • Staircase
  • Upper secondary: free learning environment of the renovated existing building
  • Lecture hall 'British House of Commons' for debates and discussions
  • Gym
  • Old situation
  • Ground floor
  • First floor
  • Second floor