Lumion, Amsterdam

young monument

has a new start

Lumion, Amsterdam

A school building designed by architect B.J. Ingwersen has been located on Vlaardingenlaan in Amsterdam since 1973. It was designed as an secondary technical school and clearly shows influences from the famous Swiss architect Le Corbusier. This influence is visible in the concrete on the facades and the seemingly floating floors above the entrance, supported by the concrete columns. There are also large windows and an expressive fire escape. In 2008, the building became a listed monument of Amsterdam. This location now houses Lumion Amsterdam, a secondary school for MAVO /senior general (HAVO) and pre-university (VWO)

The new school has a program of approximately 14,000 m², the existing building is only about 8,500 m² with a large part in practice halls, which are not suitable for secondary education. In order to create sufficient space for the new school, it was decided, in close consultation with the Monuments Department, to demolish part of the five practice halls. The halls are almost identical; by retaining the two halls on the street side, the original layout remains recognisable.

New building section
The new building was built on the site of the demolished halls. On the ground floor of the new five-storey section, a Sciencelab (the science subjects), Medialab and an Atelier (craftsmanship and drawing) have been realised. Above this will be the sub-base clusters. A cluster is an independent unit of approximately 160 pupils and their teachers. In each cluster there are classrooms, meeting rooms and a teacher's room around a large open area. A well-organised, private place within the large school, which guarantees small scale and attention for each pupil.

Between the new part and the old building an atrium has been made, the Forum. This is the central meeting place of the school. Here are the entrances and from the Forum all parts of the school are easily accessible. The centrally located reception desk has a view of all traffic flows. Eyecatchers are the renovated monumental facade and the spectacular spiral staircase that opens up all substructure clusters.

Learning areas
The ground floor of the renovated old building contains the Crea-cluster (dance and drama), staff rooms and a grand café. The upper floors contain the superstructure. Few traditional classrooms can be found here; around the large open learning areas there are group rooms, consulting rooms and 'surprise rooms', these are rooms in which 60 or 90 pupils can receive education at the same time, let themselves be inspired or marveled.

First partner of Kunskapsskolan Netherlands
The interior design has been specially developed to facilitate personalized education. Lumion is the first partner school of Kunskapsskolan Netherlands.

Campfire, watering holes and caves
The spatial concept that underlies the design of the Lumion goes beyond the classroom: Depending on the form of learning, pupils enter into spatial settings similar to campfires, watering holes, caves and watering holes. Campfires are a kind of theatres where students gather around an expert who tells a fascinating story. Watering holes are spaces where students work together on projects and learn from each other. Caves are spaces where students retreat to study in a focused way.

Materialisation and sustainability
The monumental facades have been respectfully updated. Only glass has been replaced by HR++ glass. The old wooden window frames have been largely reused. The large overhangs were also insulated as much as possible. Different materials have been chosen for the new parts, so it clear what has been distinctly added.

The rhythm of the existing facade was examined, in which vertical discs are interrupted by horizontal bands. Horizontal bands were also used in the new building and the vertical articulation was introduced by aluminium panels with custom-made profiling. The new part is white for a fresh look and as a distinct contrast to the existing concrete.

The board of the school is housed in one of the former workplace halls that has been maintained, while the other has a special gym facility. Here, too, the facades and the skylights have been upgraded and fitted with HR++ glass.

A new sports hall has been built on the site. The facade of the hall is constructed with the same material as the rest of the new building (profiled aluminium cladding), only here the dark with white accents was chosen.

Housing for educational diversity The combination of old and new results in a special school complex with rooms in all shapes and sizes, in keeping with the diversity of education at Lumion Amsterdam.


  • New Lumion
  • Rear of the building
  • New building façade: the aluminum panels are folded into two rhythms
  • Entrance area
  • The robust, renovated facade at the entrance connects old with new
  • The spectacular spiral staircase is the eye-catcher in the atrium.
  • A 'nest'; open learning areas that has a different theme on each floor.
  • A 'nest'; open learning areas that has a different theme on each floor.
  • Corridor in upper secondary area.
  • In the renovated old building, there are different free learning environments for the upper secondary students
  • Lecture hall 'British House of Commons' for debates and discussions
  • Gym
  • Old situation
  • Ground floor
  • First floor
  • Second floor