Verwaltungsgebäude IKK, Saarbrücken

Cornerstone new area development

Headquarters IKK Saarbrucken

Verwaltungsgebäude IKK, Saarbrücken

Located in the Quartier Eurobahnhof in Saarbrücken, Germany, the new office building of IKK Südwest accommodates approximately 1000 workspaces. The building consolidates the organisation’s different offices currently distributed throughout Saarbrücken under one roof.

After an intensive design and development phase, construction began in summer 2016. The project comprises a main building with an underground car park and five office floors. The office spaces are grouped around an atrium that functions as a connecting space and reception space.

In the west and east wings, two-storey communication zones are interconnected with a void and use large sections of glass to create a visual connection between the interior and exterior space. Located opposite the main building, the annex will mainly serve as office space.

The project management, architecture, engineering design and services were all separately tendered and awarded according to VOF (General partnership) tenders. The buildings must meet the highest standards with respect to sustainable planning, construction and operations. The ambition is to achieve a BNB certification for sustainable building in the Silver category.

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