Verwaltungsgebäude IKK, Saarbrücken

Cornerstone new area development

Headquarters IKK Saarbrucken

Verwaltungsgebäude IKK, Saarbrücken

Located in the Quartier Eurobahnhof in Saarbrücken, Germany, the new office building of IKK Südwest accommodates approximately 1000 workspaces. The building brings together the organisation's various offices, which were scattered across Saarbrücken, under one roof. The project consists of a main building with underground car park and five office floors.

The office spaces are grouped around an atrium that serves as a connection and reception area. In the west and east wing, two-storey communication zones were created, which are connected via a void and provide a visual link between the indoor and outdoor areas through large areas of glass. Opposite the main building is the annex, which is mainly used as office space.

The buildings had to meet the highest requirements in terms of sustainable design, construction and operation.

  • Exterieur © Johannes Maria Schlorke
  • exterior © Johannes Maria Schlorke
  • Exterior © Allard de Goeij
  • Exterior © Martijn de Visser
  • Interior © Allard de Goeij
  • Interior © Johannes Maria Schlorke
  • Interior © Johannes Maria Schlorke