Inge is a PR and marketing professional.

Her professional career started in the financial services industry, where she worked with an insurance company, a real estate investment company and a large bank. She operated in different lines of profession like recruitment, human resources management and communications.

Communication is ongoing and never stops, particularly if you want to demonstrate your strengths. This really matters in a competitive market where acquiring work requires a great effort. That was her discovery when she joined atelier PRO in 2015. She is one of the few employees without architecture or engineering background. That might have been the reason why she saw that PRO’s dedicated professionals are really good at designing. But she also saw that they could definitely need a little help to demonstrate these qualities. So this became her mission. Sharing how important architecture is to people and sharing the relevance of a well designed world around us.

That is why Inge works in PR and marketing with atelier PRO. To connect with people.