Thijs Klinkhamer (1984) has worked with atelier PRO as interior designer since 2007.

Thijs graduated at Royal Academy of Arts, Architecture and Interior Design (2007), The Hague. He specialised in interior design. Prior to his graduation he did a five-months internship at a Chinese retail company in Beijing. 
As extra- curricular activity he set up an advisory practice on interior design, together with two students. The practice was located in the prestigious Passage retail gallery, The Hague. One of the projects was the interior design of event premises for their client, the Netherlands Council for the Judiciary. The event opening ceremony was conducted by Her Majesty  the Queen Beatrix in 2007.


Being one atelier PRO's key interior designers he developed his professional skills over a diversity of projects. The diversity range covers healthcare, education, offices in public and private properties. Interior project designs by Thijs Klinkhamer in the public domain: Bronckhorst Townhall, Overbetuwe Municipalty Townhall at Elst, World Trade Centre The Hague. 

Education interior projects: Police Academy at Apeldoorn Ezinge Educational Park at Meppel,  Diagnostic Centre University Amsterdam, Carmel College Raalte, Metis Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam. Thijs is currently engaged in the interior design of the prestigious Letovo School in Moscow (private school for gifted children).

Healthcare interior projects: Meander Medical Centre Centre in Amersfoort, Scheldehof residential care centre, Vlissingen, Willibrord nursing home interior
in Middelburg, VU university Research Diagnostisch centrum VUmc in Amsterdam.
The Meander Medical Centre in Amersfoort has been internationally awarded for its interior design. WAN Healthcare Award 2014, Healthcare Environment Award 2015, SBID Healthcare Design 2015. This was the result of Thijs’ professional contributions.


Entrepreneurship and hospitality
Thijs has a natural sense of entrepreneurship and hospitality. He comes from a family managing restaurants for over 25 years, bed & breakfast facilities and tables d’hôtes. He was always there to assist. This background explains why his interior designs are focused on hospitality, the wellbeing of people so they feel happy, comfortable and are able to perform well. That’s why he also coordinates the office festivities (drinks, Christmas dinner, bbq etc) developing menus as well as preparing dinners. 

Graphic skills
During his career Thijs also generated visual productions (animations, renderings) on behalf of numerous tender proposals for architecture design using latest graphic software applications(Revit, Sketch-up, Photoshop, Maxwell). For our dedicated clients and architects, he functions as a materials expert consultant in the field of floors, wallcovering, ceilings, upholstering, furniture design.