Dutch education minister pays visit to Lumion Amsterdam

On Monday 17 August, Minister of Education Arie Slob visited Lumion Amsterdam. He did this because the secondary schools in the Noord region reopened. During this visit he talked to pupils and teachers about the start of the new school year and COVID19. According to Lumion Amsterdam  it was an open conversation about expectations, worries but also happiness about the reunion with friends and teachers.


Safety and ventilation
In the evening TV programme 'OP1' featured  safety in schools and ventilation. The programme also included the Minister's working visit to Lumion. He was happy that after months of distant education 'physical' education is now possible again, because of the significance of personal contact. He also stressed that it is important for all people involved at school and at home to comply with the distance and hygiene regulations of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). Because only then can the schools stay open.
On the subject of ventilation, the minister said that in primary education more than 90% and in secondary education more than 80% of schools have an indoor air quality that goes far beyond the required. For those schools that don't yet have that, additional measurements are possible to make this quality achievable.


"Lumion is great"
For typical corridors schools, he advised to come up with practical solutions for logistics and to consistently adhere to the basic stipulations. In the renewed Lumion Amsterdam the closed corridors of the old building have been opened up. In the new building there are mostly open areas. Keeping a distance is possible. "The school I visited today, Lumion Amsterdam, was really great. They were lucky to have a whole new building and of course it's not like that everywhere", says minister Slob.

Enclosed an impression of the working visit to Lumion and a video fragment of 'OP1' tv broadcast (in Dutch), in which students of Lumion are talking. (Photos: Lumion Amsterdam).