The Klinker Cultural Center customer experience

The Klinker Cultural Center in Winschoten has been operational since March 2015. Up to the summer holiday over 60.000 people payed a visit. General director Leo Hegge had been overwhelmed with reactions from the public, that were not just impressed by a remarkable building only, but also experienced its all-over impact.

Leo Hegge speaks for himself, the staff, the visitors and other end-users.

“The cultural center fits us like a glove. Each day we imagine ourselves somewhere in a big city in the heart of the Netherlands, not somewhere in a shrinking area like the Northeast of Groningen. No, more like a city as Amersfoort or Arnhem, for instance. The building just accommodates all of its users seamlessly. Whether it’s the staff for the theater, the music school, the library or the local radio station, everyone is enthusiastic to be able to work in this wonderful building with its city allure. Even the visitors are enthusiastic and they say that their new cultural center has given their municipality an enormous boost. The charisma of the building makes that inhabitants are proud again of their town. We hear almost daily remarks like: “we count for something again in the region” or something similar. The openness and approachability make people feel at home, to find their niche or just to stroll at ease without feeling watched upon. Even I go to work there with pleasure each day.


Clubs and companies alike feel at home, which has led to more cultural and commercial bookings than ever anticipated. The shopkeepers and catering businesses are equally enthusiastic since they have seen an increase in turnover. In addition, the paving and landscaping have revived the allure of the Oldambt town square. People from other cultural centers and the arts in the region, like Houten,  have come to take a look and tours are becoming the norm practically every day for schools, senior’s organizations, companies, clubs, politicians, and many others.


I am naturally a proud director who takes pleasure in taking visitors around and pointing out the highlights and possibilities. That also holds true for the artists and their technicians, who without exception are delighted with the technical features of the theater, the auditorium, lighting, and the stage. In most cases this has led to longer encores by national artists."


July 2015


Representing the client, the Oldambt municipality, mayor Pieter Smit states


“I am proud that the architect could realize this advanced design. It suits our municipality and surroundings as if it had always been here.”

August 2015

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